Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!


General Rules:

  1. No cussing at each other.
  2. No spamming.
  3. No breaking promises or lies.
  4. No using others for hacks or glitches.
  5. No sharing someone’s pass to others if the owner of that account doesn’t want the pass shared.
  6. A newcomer will be a member, no guests unless kicking or banning is unnecessary.

Rules for Main Owners/Owners:

  1. There are only two to four owners, me and JamesKiro (so far).
  2. Moderators are for people on my team.
  3. Members are for newcomers. You may move up to moderator as we see the need that you move up a rank
  4. Ban only 1 to 5 hours only if the person is spamming without permission, banning a person forever or with no reason,  messing up the ranks of chatters or using others without keeping a deal or promise.
  5. No banning forever, banning with no reason or exceeding 5 hours of ban.
  6. No editing the chat unless I give permission.
  7. Un-ban only if the ban was unreasonable.


  • Guest: Guests are the green pawns. As you see, there are no guests unless we think it is unnecessary to ban or kick. Every newcomer will become a member. Links or URLs posted by Guests will not be visible to everyone. Guests are the lowest in rank. 
  • Members: Members are the blue pawns. Every newcomer will become a member. Unlike guests, links and URLs members post will be visible to every one. Members are known to be most common throughout Xat Chat Boxes. Members are the second highest in rank, greater than guests.
  • Moderators: Moderators are the white pawns. Moderators are sometimes known as Mods. Moderators there to help owners kick or ban. Moderators also have the ability to make a person a guest or a member. Moderators are for my team members. You can also become a moderator as you come to my chat often and follow the rules. Moderators are the third highest in rank, greater than members.
  • Owners/ Main Owners: Owners are the semi-orange and bronze pawns. Main Owners, or MOs are very similar. Both kinds of owners have absolute power. They can kick and ban. Also, with the ability of making a person a guest, member or moderator. Main Owners can edit the chat and make a person an owner. Owners are basically the bosses. Owners may not be as active on chats (JamesKiro and I are very active on chats though). Main and regular Owners are the highest in rank.

Note: A black star next to your pawn means that you have a xat account and is logged in. If you have a ‘o’ and it has a – in the middle, it means you have been kicked or the Guest Protection has been activated.


Discuss here! XD

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