Cheats and Glitches

Poptropica is full of cheats and glitches! Some may not have even been discovered! This page provides you with the very best and most cheats and glitches!

Special in-game effects:

NOTE: For Mac users, instead of Ctrl, press Command.

  • Ctrl + Shift + S= Skin Color Change
  • Ctrl + Shift + H= Hair Color Change
  • Ctrl + Shift + R= Randomize Poptropican-You will lose your current outfit!
  • Ctrl + Shift + F6= Randomize Poptropican *See above for same effects*
  • Ctrl + Shift + 1= Poptropican does the Laughing Emote
  • Ctrl + Shift + 2= Poptropican does the Crying emote
  • Ctrl + Shift + 3= Poptropican does the Angry emote
  • Ctrl + Shift + 4= Poptropican does the jumping emote
  • Ctrl + Shift + F10= Pauses the game with the same effect of clicking  the ‘II’ symbol at the top-left corner
  • Ctrl + Shift + P= Poptropican wears a happy pumpkin mask
  • S= Skip the dialog when a Poptropican is speaking

Nabooti Cell Phone Codes:

  • 1225= Santa Hat and Sack
  • 911=  Police Costume
  • 411:=Brain Helmet
  • 1337= Nerd Costume (Ned Noodlehead)

Poptropica Secret Handheld Items:

Do note that some of these glitches are found by PoptropicaGCHelp!

Fire Poker and Candle:

  1. Get on the blimp and go to Vampire Curse Island
  2. Go inside Count Bram’s castle and go to the fireplace where Count Bram disappears
  3. Click the fire poker/candle to hold it
  4. Press Ctrl, Shift and S and while ur doing that, go to items (still holding Ctrl, Shift and S)
  5. Go to Haunted House, now you can let go of Ctrl, Shift and S

Robecca’s Jetpack and Goggles:

  1. Go to the Poptropica Ad Transporter 2 on another tab or window
  2. Go to the ad, Monster High Party: Robecca
  3. Get Robecca’s Jetpack Card
  4. Use it
  5. While flying, press Ctrl, Shift and S
  6. Exit room

Cup of Black Juice:

  1. Get on the blimp to go to 24 Carrot Island
  2. Enter the Carrot King Diner
  3. Go to the drink-filling area on the left (changes your hair color) and fill the cup with white juice
  4. While you’re drinking, press Ctrl, Shift and S
  5. Log out and in again to Poptropica


  1. Get on the blimp and go to Gameshow Island
  2. Go to your Items and and turn on the fan you obtain from the workers
  3. Press Ctrl, Shift and S/turn on and off Torch
  4. Enter/exit a room


  1. Get on the blimp to go to Gameshow Island
  2. Get on the Mews Copter and fly to New Jersey
  3. Ride the motorcycle and stop at any place you can that is dark
  4. You will be holding the lantern in the dark and press Ctrl, Shift and S
  5. Exit the place you are currently in and return to the start

Ninja Staff, Shuriken and Smoke Bomb

  1. Get on the blimp and go to Red Dragon Island
  2. Go to the area where you can access your weapons
  3. Click the weapon you want to have handheld (Staff, Shuriken or Smoke Bomb)
  4. Press Ctrl, Shift and S/turn on and off the torch
  5. Then exit that area

Red Hairdryer Fan from Mr.Poppers’ Penguins Ad


Regular Cheats and Glitches:

1. Hoops cheat

Credit goes to me

  1. Log on your Poptropica account
  2. Play the hoops game against another player
  3. When shooting, click the lower right corner of the border of the scoreboard
  4. Then, just adjust the power of the shot according to where the hoop is
  5. Ta-Da! You will just make every shot, 90% of the time

2. Customize MOST Animals and MAYBE Robots

Credit to goes Mashimai 

  1. Log on your Poptropica account
  2. Go to an animal or robot (the sleeping dog in Lunar Colony or the robots in Game Show)
  3. Talk to them
  4. While you are talking to them, quickly click your friends section
  5. Click on the friend next to you
  6. Slide your friend list until you don’t see that friend (you have to move past 5 or 6 friends)
  7. Click the Customizer tool in Friends

NOTE: You can’t do this with the animals in ads and the robots on Game Show island, you can’t customize them but can get to the customization page of them.

3. How to get Sparkly Power

Credit to goes to me

  1. Log on your Poptropica account
  2. Enter a common or Multiverse room
  3. Press F8 on your keyboard
  4. The mouse becomes swirly
  5. Refresh the page
  6. You will be sparkly

4. How to be Invisible

  1. Log on your Poptropica account
  2. Go to Mythology Island
  3. Put on Poseidon’s Trident
  4. Go to the water near the Sphinx or in Poseidon’s Palace
  5. Press Space
  6. Press Space again
  7. You will be invisible

NOTE: Press Space one more time, move your Poptropican or go to Items to undo the invisibility

5. Standing Over Water Glitch

Credit to goes  me

  1. Log on your Poptropica account
  2. Go to Big Nate Island
  3. Jump onto the Photo Studio sign.
  4. Open a new tab
  5. Jump on the wires or whatever you call them
  6. From the wire you jumped on, jump to the other one closer to the blimp
  7. Then make a giant leap off the wire, over the blimp and into the little bridge area. DO NOT LET YOUR POPTROPICAN LAND!
  8. Quickly go to the new tab BEFORE YOUR POPTROPICAN LANDS
  9. Return back to your Poptropica game

NOTE: Try this glitch with places when jump high to low or where there is a wire


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